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Rotary Joint

1.Quality assurance,The source control,the rotor of water rotary joints are made of standard stainless steel 304 material,all high temperature oil and steam rotary joint are made of high grade cast iron,through metallurgical test qualified before use.

2.We have several types of inspection equipment,unique high temperature testing equipment can 100% simulate client’s operating conditions.whatever from design to packaging,we have a professional team to control the parts quality to guarantee our safe product for you. 

3.Guarantee technology,precision components have been detected by three-dimensional coordinates of the instrument.


Flexible Metal Hose

1.Ensure the use of standard stainless steel 304 material and spectrum testing before stove.

2.Using standard thickness and weight of the inner tube.Some of manufacturers in order to reduce costs on the market and make more profits,the inner tube elongation,resulting in a large bellow spacing,lower bearing capacity,seriously affect the running life of the hose.         

3.According to the diameter of outside braided,composed of 10shares stainless steel 304 wire braided to reach excellent torsion tesion.but some manufacturers use 8 shares stainless steel wire braided to produce,which its mesh thin and sparse,wieght higher,intenstiy lower,capable of bearing pressure lower.

4.We have professional pressure testing,according to different requirement:air pressure test,high pressure water pressure test,coal oil pressure test and so on.        


Address:Lianhe Industrial Area,Luo Cun Town,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China